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Alpine Lock

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Have you been a victim of a Scammer?

If so, please help us put a stop to these individuals.

The Utah Department of Consumer Protection wants to hear from you. To report your experience you can click below or contact Investigator Liz Blaylock  801-530-6601.

Alpine Lock recommends having your Locksmith information ready now, before you need a service done or you find yourself in an emergency situation.  The Utah Locksmith professional community is working together to help protect consumers.  If Alpine Lock is not the right fit for you we are happy to provide additional reputible company contact information and help you avoid scammers.  


Locksmith scams have been on the rise for years.  There is over 50 illigitmate online postings in Utah County alone. Many of these individuals will falsely present themselves as employees of reputible companies when they are in no way associated.  Their pricing is also misleading.  Most of these scams start with a low quote online or over the phone from a 3rd party call center or reprentative.  Once the Scammer arrives onsite the price will suddenly go up due to "special locks" or "difficulty level of the cylinder".  Consumers often end up paying the additonal fees because they are unsure of their rights.  Alpine Lock is commited to spreading the word and helping the community avoid these types of scenarios altogether.  Below is a list of 10 tips on how to avoid the scammers and keep your security safe.  


If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us 801-756-8100.

8 tips to help you avoid scams


Never trust an online search engine when trying to determine if a Locksmith is Legitimate. These scams thrive and survive because of internet searches.  The scammers reserve their extra funds and buy up ad space and pay-per-click advertising to make sure they are at the top of the search engines.


 Many of the scam operations begin with a 3rd party call center dispatching service.  When prompted with questions about proof of business legitimacy 9 times out of 10 they will abruptly disconnect the call to avoid questioning.  Ask the dispatch representative for industry certifications or licenses.



When trying to validate a company's legitimacy do not give them the name you are looking for. Do not say, "Is this Alpine Lock?" or "This is the Real Alpine Lock right?"   The scammers will answer "Yes" to any name you give them.  Instead use leading questions like: "Can you verify the name of the company that you represent?" or "What is your Company's name?"



Verify what city their company is based out of.  Back reference listing addresses for validity.   The scammers often use addresses similar to legitimate companies to confuse customers into believing they are contacting the company they are famiiar with.  An example of this can be found here:                                                                                                        Note that the address is 70 N. Center and Alpine Lock is located at 67 W. Main!  The other interesting aspect of this particular listing is that the address coorelates to the American Fork Police Department Headquarters.  Also, note that there is very similar reviews from "users" that have accounts that are brand new and have only reviewed the one listing.


Don't hesitate to verify identification.  A legitimate Locksmith will be more than willing to provide an ID.  A Legitimate Locksmith Professional will not hesitate to provide you with his information.  As soon as a locksmith arrives, ask for proof of Identification.  If you are provided with a very generic identifier then you are more than likely dealing with a scammer.  Having generic cards and receipts allows the scammer to identify with any company he/she wants to mimic.  In this instance Alpine Lock recommends immediately refusing service and contacting a different company.


Look for company markings and logos on the technicians vehicle   All of Alpine Lock's vehicles have logos and company identifiers on them.  Most legitimate companies will have markings in one form or another on their company vehicles.  This is another important feature to look for when trying to determine if you have hired a legitimate Locksmith.



Don't authorize any work without a solid estimate.   Locksmithing is a trade that takes extensive training and knowledge.  A legitimate company will know exactly what the service is going to cost before the work is even done.  Once an initial estimate is given there should not be any price increases unless a special circumstances arises.  Even then a professional Locksmith with discuss the situation with the customer and provide multiple options.  All fees should be discussed for the estimate including: service call, labor, taxable & tax exempt items, and any emergency fees.


When the price does not match REFUSE payment.   Believe it or not you CAN refuse to pay an invoice if the total amount due has increased from the estimate given.  Do not let the scammer intimidate you into paying for services or pricing that you did not agree to.  If at any point the individual tries to force you to pay for something you did not authorize call your local police as well as the department of consumer services and get someone to come mediate the situation.  




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